The Racist War on Drugs in the United States

Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization - Harlem

Helen Redmond, ISO
Amir Amma, Campaign to End the New Jim Crow
More than 4 decades of the US government "war on drugs" has done nothing but criminalize millions of poor people of color, strip them of basic civil liberties and put them under the control of the criminal justice system, often for decades. Civil rights lawyer, Michelle Alexander has rightfully identified this as a New Jim Crow system that traps many Blacks as a permanent underclass in society.

In New York, there is a growing movement against the criminal injustice system. Lawyers are suing the NYPD for their racist stop-and-frisk policy, a major driver behind thousands of illegal marijuana arrests. Family members of victims of police violence are organizing for justice. And activists are bringing attention to the way youth are being funneled into a "school to prison pipeline."
Video & Editing: Adriano Contreras

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