Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Struggling Not To Lose Him

Too often, we are treated to a view of a romanticized version of Dr. King in order to fit the man and his struggle neatly within the prevailing political and economic power structures in a largely uncritical and non-threatening manner. Dr. King has been mass marketed as an accommodationist figure and this portrayal is now so pervasive in our schools, media, etc. that it threatens to neutralize and placate the most ambitious, daring and challenging of King's critique along with his struggle to confront and organize against not only racism, but economic exploitation and militarism-imperialism as well.

SleptOn.com offers "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Struggling Not To Lose Him" as a direct challenge (as he would have it) to the thoroughly pacified legacy of a man who likely would not even be invited to his own birthday celebrations had he been alive today.

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