Class Struggle and the Color Line

Join Haymarket Books and the International Socialist Organization for a discussion of the new book CLASS STRUGGLE AND THE COLOR LINE: American Socialism and the Race Question, 1900-1930 with editor Paul M. Heideman in conversation with Brian Jones.

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"Paul Heideman’s book reconstructs for us the long flowering of anti-racist thought and organizing on the American Left and the central role played by Black Socialists in advancing a theory and practice of human liberation. Class struggle and anti-racism are two sides of the same coin in this powerful collection. At a time when the emancipation of oppressed and working-class people remain goals of progressives everywhere, Heideman’s book provides us a map to a past that can help us get free."
—Bill V. Mullen, Professor of American Studies, Purdue University

Paul M. Heideman is a PhD student in Sociology at New York University and is a frequent contributor to Jacobin.

Brian Jones is an educator, activist, and doctoral candidate in Urban Education at the CUNY Graduate Center. He is also a scholar-in-residence at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

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