Ten Theses on Science and Research Under a Left Government

Government support for science, industry R&D, and other technical research has been a longstanding feature of American capitalism. Modern science has expanded possibilities for human welfare through incredible advances in medicine, agriculture, and other fields. Yet science, as a handmaiden to capital, has also played a nefarious role in building the unequal world we live in today: science built on black and brown bodies, science to develop weaponry, science to support extractive industry, science to design machinery that disciplines labor.

This talk explores visions for a different kind of science:
What are the different funding pools and mechanisms for government-sponsored science and research today?
Does Trump hate all science? Why?
What kind of near term changes - under a Bernie or a Corbyn government, for example - can we imagine for how science & research is funded, structured, organized, and produced?
What does a science for human liberation look like?

Sponsored by Science for the People.

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