Perspectives on Socialist Strategy in the Democratic Socialists of America

Renée Paradis, Socialist Majority
Neal Meyer, The Call/Bread and Roses
John Michael Colón, Libertarian Socialist Caucus
Miriam Bensman, North Star
Tawny Tidwell, Build

Moderated by Micah Uetricht

The Democratic Socialists of America has exploded as a political force since 2016. Membership has gone from less than 10,000 to nearly 60,000, DSA members hold elected positions everywhere from the House of Representatives to city councils around the country, and DSA members are playing key roles in working-class struggles of all kinds, including the labor movement, the immigrant rights movement, the feminist movement, and many others.

DSA is a multi-tendency organization, which means that a wide variety of perspectives exist within the organization on questions big and small for DSA: how should socialists approach elections generally and the Bernie Sanders campaign specifically? What should the organization's strategic priorities be, and to what degree should those priorities be coordinated in chapters throughout the country? What does democratic socialism even mean? Representatives from a range of caucuses and ideological currents within the DSA will explore these questions.

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