From TrumpCare to Medicare For All
The Growing Movement for Single-Payer Health Care

Socialism 2018

July 05, 2018

The defeat of Trumpcare in 2017 was an enormous victory for working people in the U.S. It also exposed the incredible weaknesses and frustration ordinary people have with the current health care system known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare. For the first time since the passage of the ACA in 2012, the idea of Medicare-for-All has gained serious momentum from New York to California. The Medicare-for-All movement is engaged in a number of critical debates. Should it pursue a state-based legislative strategy or a national one? How much of collective resources should be devoted to political lobbying and electoral campaigns versus broader political organizing and building a mass grassroots movement? How do we organize the millions of health care victims? How critical are healthcare workers and unions to this fight? How do we build Medicare-for-All committees in communities and workplaces? Come hear what socialists have to say about the fight for Medicare-For-All and how to win health care as a human right.

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