How to Lose the Fight for Reproductive Justice

Socialism 2017

August 15, 2017

For decades, radical activists and liberal Democrats have pursued starkly different—at times opposing--strategies for winning and preserving reproductive justice rights. Despite the Democrats' reputation as a "pro-choice" party, Democrats have played key roles in the dismantling of abortion rights—like when Jimmy Carter signed the Hyde amendment in 1977, denying abortions to anyone on Medicaid. As women's organizations grew closer to a Democratic Party with such limited commitments to reproductive rights, there has been increasing pressure to move away from confrontational tactics and to a more uncritical support for the Demorcrats as a "lesser evil" to Republicans. During this time we have seen the steady erosion of reproductive rights. This discussion will take up a history of conservatization of the fight for reproductive rights, provide examples of successful struggles, and propose steps forward for the movement today.

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