Is This Still China's Century?

Socialism 2016

July 01, 2016

Is this still “China's century?” Many Western commentators have flipped over from saying that China's growth is unstoppable to arguing that China's fall is inevitable. This talk aims to give an insight into the contradictions in China's economic development, and look at what impact they may have on struggle from below.

Suggested Readings:
Scattered Sand: The Story of China's Rural Migrants by Hsiao-Hung Pai (Verso)
Tiger Head, Snake Tails by Jonathan Fenby (The Overlook Press)
The global rise of China by Alvin Y. So and Yin-Wah Chu (Polity Press, 2015)
The China boom: Why China will not rule the world by Ho-fung Hung (Columbia University Press, 2015).

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