The Politics of Frantz Fanon
A Marxist Appraisal

Socialism 2015

July 02, 2015
With Nagesh Rao

Born in French Martinique and buried in Algeria, Frantz Fanon was a psychiatrist who probed the social roots of psychological problems; a militant anti-racist who argued that racism disfigured both whites and blacks; a revolutionary anti-colonialist who denounced nationalism; and a pan-Africanist who rejected Negritude. Fanon has been variously derided as an apostle of violence and celebrated as a visionary third-worldist. Recovering Fanon from these interpretations, this talk will explore the many insights that his work offers for a Marxist understanding of colonialism and racism, while critically examining the reasons why Fanon insisted that Marxism “needs to be stretched” in the colonies.

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